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13 Creative and Unusual Bed Designs

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Simply place some rose petals and gourmet chocolates on top, wait for your target to take the bait, and pull the rope. Don’t forget to drill some air holes in the box. Unfortunately, this design isn’t available in stores.It was part of alternative design event Come Up To My Room held at Gladstone Hotel in Toronto.

The bed that fits in a bookcase

The Hamburger Bed

Le Beanock

This egglike bed comes equipped with a “light therapy” alarm clock, a massaging viscoelastic memory foam mattress and a control unit that is a specially modified iPhone.

For those truly tiny bedrooms that have no extra space at all


Cardboard Bed

Springy Bed with Car Suspension Parts.

Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Bed. what’s $47,000 if you can bring sweet dreams and a little smile to your daughter’s face?

Vertical Bed

The world’s first floating magnetically levitating bed – $149,969

Tree Bed $15.000

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