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Indonesia Ready for Nuclear Technology

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Indonesia is quite ready and able to develop nuclear technology and build a nuclear power plant which it needs to meet its future energy needs, an observer said.

"The problem is, Indonesia’s need for electricity is continuing to go up , while fossil fuel reserves are to be depleted soon. In fact, the oil price is currently soaring," Khusnun Ain, a lecturer at the Physics Department of the Science and Mathematics Faculty of Airlangga University, said here Saturday.

In view of the Indonesian capability for nuclear technology, he said Indonesian nuclear experts are ready and prepared, yet they have successfully conducted some nuclear research safely.

The Indonesian nuclear engineers could only conduct research for the time being, he said, adding that the engineers in several National Atomic and Nuclear Office (BATAN) of Bandung, Serpong, and Yogyakarta have safely carried out nuclear research.

"We have been only conducting research on nuclear since 1970s, However, Vietnam have already had nuclear power plant, while Malaysian and Philippines are the next to have. So what are we waiting for?" he said.

According to him, people should not be afraid of the nuclear technology as the nuclear reactor would be safe as it would be coated with four layers of protective systems to prevent radiation leaking. However, the problem was most Indonesian Non-Governmental Organizations object the plan to have nuclear power plant.

The protests were not based on accurate data and might be driven by some countries that don’t want particular countries to excel in nuclear technology. It was the government’s turn to decide where to put the nuclear power plant instead of in Java, which was opposed by some parties, he said, adding that the alternative places are outside Java Island.

According to Khusnun, Riau and Kalimantan authorities were willing to have nuclear power plant in the region and the territory outside Java Island also necessarily need electricity supply.

In view of the budget, Indonesia had been offered by Canada and France about the nuclear technology development, he said, adding that the initial cost might be high, but the operational cost would be cheap, yet electricity business would bring investors to Indonesia.

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