Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

Jackie Chan Dies? Is It for Real?

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Jackie Chan takes a hot issue on twitter when the legendary action actor is reported passed away. Those who tweet asked around whether it turned out to be true or not.

The rumour was denied by the Hong Kong celebrity's fans. "Jackie Chan is Not Dead, okay?" tweeted Sherina Munaf, one of Indonesian celebrities.

It was ignited on publication of the report that Jackie Chan has died of heart attack in a treatment at a hospital in Los Angeles, U.S. The report is posted at

As reported by AFP yesterday, the action hero Jackie Chan and other Hong Kong celebrities will hold a charity concert on April 1 to raise funds for disaster-stricken Japan, where more than 27,000 are dead or missing.

“We as members of the entertainment industry wish to bring hope and support to the people of Japan,“ said Chan, one of the initiators of the concert, in a statement.

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