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15 Rare and Unique Musical Instruments !

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Kalimbas, also known as the thumb piano, is part of the family of percussion instruments. It is made of reed or tip, which then plucked with the thumb or fingers of people who play and vibration of the reed is then amplified through a hollow box resonator or a sound board to create music.

Glass Armonica
Glass harmonica is a set of glass bowls or cups, varying sizes, to produce musical tones by friction

Cucumber Phones
This is part of the vegetable orchestra from Vienna. Has the mouth of carrot, cucumber and red pepper body at the base to help project the sound. This orchestra does not throw food. When finished they bring home and make soup.

Travel Didgeridoo
Didgeridoo is known as a wind instrument. Length about 1 to 4 feet. The longer the instrument, the lower the tone. In the journey can be dismantled and placed in a backpack.

Balloon Music
Balloon music made from an inflated balloon, and opened. The size of the balloon makes a difference tones on balloon.

These are instruments made of steel with other parts very little like the pieces of the mouth and tuning engines. You can make the whole ensemble with instruments and able to entertain the audience if you know how to play.

Fence Music
You can get the music by using metal or wire fence with a violin bow. Using a cable such as a violin string, you can hear sound coming from their resonance as they move backward and forward from the bow.

Musical Saw
This is done by using a handsaw. When placing a control point between your knees, you must use one hand to maintain control of others, while the curve of the blade inside, making a kind of “S”. You can use a violin bow to pick and what is called the so-called point of “sweet”, which is part of a flat knife. People who control the tone by moving the knife.

Cheese Drum Set
Each wheel of cheese is configured as a set of drums. Having a different size, unusual drum and sticks used to play. Depending on how they hit and where it will determine the resulting sound. Each type of cheese to produce various types of sounds, because the density of this type of cheese

Aeolian Wind Harp
It is made of a wooden box with strings stretched across two boards. If you want to hear a voice that can be created with this tool, should be placed near open windows, so the wind could blow it. The rope can be made from different materials with same thickness of material and will produce the same tone or in a different tone levels. Wind strength will determine the type of sound we can hear.

Pegasus Piano
There are only fourteen of this piano there. This is a very ergonomic curved keyboard. This piano has 88 unique keys, which can make 7 ¼ octave voice. The lid is set on a hydraulic system that allows the operator to control how much sound is projected from it.

Kazoo Instrument
Kazoo is known as a wind instrument. There is a vibrating mechanism that changes the sound of his players when voiced. You have to talk or sing to the device. They are made of steel or plastic.

Riday T-91 Midi Controller
You can play this instrument like a keyboard. By using the model of all the fingers for 12 scales, 12 major scales, 12 scales and 12 minor blues scales. Move your hand to the right or left position back and forth in the instrument will help you produce the sound you want.

Jaw Harp
This is known as the world’s oldest tool. It is made of flexible metal or bamboo.Instruments associated with the frame and placed in the mouth of the players. There should be enough room for the tongue vibrate freely. Cheek or lips is not no direct contact. Changing the shape of the mouth will change the tone and volume in accordance with the incoming and outgoing breath.

Weather Harp
It is made of marine plywood, goat skin, epoxy and mixed media. This tool is operated by the wind. It has 21 strings that come from the center. They will play 42 notes a string. There are two wind activated devices that produce sound. Metal cup will pluck the treble strings to produce chords, while the balance arm will pluck the strings to produce a bass tone.

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