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7 Ways To Protect Your Memory

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It happens to forget names or where you put your keys? It’s normal to be forgetful when you have too much on your head! But even if you have more up to old age, studies show that memory loss begins after 20 years. Here are the ways you can keep your mind sharp as long!

Eat toast at breakfast.

Carbohydrates are friends memory. According to one study, people who eliminate carbs from their diet have worse memory than those who included them. Neurons feed on carbohydrates, which are converted by the body into glucose. Choose complex carbohydrates, eg bread, which is digested more slowly and gives you a stable blood sugar level.

Kickboxing before going to work

Sport increases blood flow to the brain, and its bringing more oxygen and glucose. In fact, it was shown that memory works 20% faster after doing a physical activity.

Change the font to your computer

Accustomed to work with Times New Roman? Try a different font, to be a little harder to decipher and put your head to work.

Surf the net at lunch

Spend an hour a day online investigating a topic that interested you. For example, you can search for your next holiday destinations. This stimulates the frontal lobe area that controls short-term memory. Neural circuits involved in decision making, vision in space and verbal skills are very active when you give a search on the Internet. But mind that when looking, to be concentrated, so Facebook does not count!

Aim your parking spot

Always forget where you parked your car? Do this exercise: Get off the car, see where you parked, and then move your eyes from side to side about 30 seconds, stand still. Practicing this simple eye movements improves memory by 10%, researchers say.

Drink a little alcohol at dinner

If big drinkers have problems with memory, those who drink in moderation, a glass at dinner, have a sharp mind, studies say! Scientists believe that anti-inflammatory properties of alcohol in moderation protects the brain.

Use dental floss before bed

Floss takes care of your smile but does miracles for your mind! When not using dental floss, the gums become inflamed, and bacteria enter the bloodstream more easily. Once arriving there, the bacteria cause inflammation in the body including the brain, which can lead to cognitive dysfunction.

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