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7 Futuristic Projects Currently Under Construction

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Burj Dubai – the tallest building in the world

The largest and most famous construction project currently taking place in Dubai is of course the Burj Dubai. Opening in 2009, the Burj Dubai is a super duper tall skyscraper set to be the tallest in the world (818 meters or 2,684 ft). Currently it is the tallest man-made structure on Earth but Burj Dubai will not officially gain the title of tallest building in the world until its completion in 2009.
The total budget for the Burj Dubai project is about US$4.1 billion and the price of office space had reached $4,000 per sq ft.

World Trade Center or the Freedom Tower

Is the main building of the new World Trade Center complex currently under construction in Lower Manhattan in New York City.

The tower will be located in the northwest corner of the 16-acre (65,000 m²) World Trade Center site, bound by Vesey, West, Washington and Fulton streets.Construction on below-ground utility relocations, footings, and foundations for the 1,776-foot (541 m) Freedom Tower began on April 27, 2006.

On December 19, 2006, the first steel columns were installed in the building’s foundation. Three other high-rise office buildings are planned for the site along Greenwich Street, and they will surround the World Trade Center Memorial, which is currently under construction. The area will also be home to a museum dedicated to the history of the site.

Da Vinci Tower

Visionary architect Dr. David Fisher is the creator of the world’s first building in motion – the revolutionary Dynamic Tower. It will adjust itself to the sun, wind, weather and views by rotating each floor separately.

This building will never appear exactly the same twice.

It is amazing but you will have the choice of waking up to sunrise in your bedroom and enjoying sunsets over the ocean at dinner.

In addition to being such an incredible engineering miracle it will produce energy for itself and even for other buildings because it will have wind turbines fitted between each rotating floor. So an 80-story building will have up to 79 wind turbines, making it a true green power plant.

Currently under review, construction of the Dynamic Tower, is expected to be completed in 2010.

Solar Copenhagen Bridge

US based Steven Holl Architects have won the international design competition “The LM Project”. With a program that connects office towers and civic spaces with a public walkway 65 meters above the harbor, the new design is intended to form an iconic landmark for Copenhagen’s waterfront.

Steven Holl Architects’ design for the dramatic new harbor entrance to the great city of Copenhagen is based on a concept of two towers carrying two bridges at two orientations all connecting back to the unique aspects of the site’s history. The Langenlinie site, a berth for ocean ships for decades, is expressed in the Langenlinie tower with geometry taken from the site’s shape. A prow-like public deck thrusts out to the sea horizon. This deck is the level of public entry to the bridge elevators and has public amenities such as cafes and galleries. It can be reached by a wide public stair as well as escalators. The Marmormolen tower connects back to the City with a main terrace that thrusts out towards the city horizon shaped by a public auditorium below. It can also be reached by escalators and is adjacent to the public bridge elevator lobby.

Each tower carries its own cable-stay bridge that is a public passageway between the two piers. Due to the site geometry, these bridges meet at an angle, joining like a handshake over the harbor. The soffits below the bridges and under the cantilevers pick up the bright colors of the harbor; container orange on the undersides of the Langenlinie, bright yellow on the undersides of the Marmormolen. At night the uplights washing the colored aluminum reflect like paintings in the water.

Apart from giving visitors a spectacular walk on top of the sea, the walkway is flanked by wind turbines that produce energy to light up the public places of the two towers. The solar screens and the large windows, also allow ample natural ventilation due to their reflective nature and also act as great temperature regulators.

World’s Tallest Arch Bridge

If any real city on our planet can claim an active stake in creating the urban landscape of the future, it’s probably Dubai.

They do things differently in Dubai. They like their stuff bigger, taller, and more expensive than anywhere else. The bridge will peak at 670 feet, have 12 lanes of traffic, and handle up to 2,000 vehicles per hour.

Scheduled completion is slated for 2012, after $817 million in construction.

Hydropolis Underwater Hotel

Currently under construction in Dubai, Hydropolis will be the world’s first luxury underwater hotel. It will include three elements: the land station, where guests will be welcomed, the connecting tunnel, which will transport people by train to the main area of the hotel, and the 220 suites within the submarine leisure complex. It is one of the largest contemporary construction projects in the world, covering an area of 260 hectares, about the size of London’s Hyde Park.

The £300m, 220-suite hotel was due to open by the end of 2006 but has experienced delays and is now scheduled to open in 2009. It will incorporate a host of innovations that will take it far beyond the original blueprint for an underwater complex worthy of Jules Verne.

Pile Of Chinese Boxes

The port city of Tianjin (Mainland China’s third largest city behind Shanghai and Beijing) is adding another skyscraper to its skyline. Construction on Atkins’ TEDA Landmark Towers (Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area), nicknamed “the pile of boxes” by local residents, is set to be underway. The design features three towers made up of stacked and slightly rotated eight-story blocks. Each tower will use a geothermal heating/cooling system and feature sky-gardens in rotating corners of the glass blocks. The gardens will “light up the corners of each tower, creating an illusion of glowing lanterns rising up into the sky.” Each of the buildings will also be crowned with mesh-like blocks that house vertical wind-powered turbines to help supply electricity.

The tallest of the three towers will rise to 356 meters (80 floors, 1168 ft) and will be Tianjin’s second tallest building after the Tianjin TV Tower (415 m) when finished. The two other towers will be 136 m (446 ft) and 198 m (650 ft) tall and will be connected to the taller tower by a nine-story building that will include a shopping mall. The three towers will house offices, residential apartments, retail shops and even a luxury five-star hotel.

Costing 4 billion yuan it is expected to be completed in 2009.

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