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10 Outstanding Custom Guitar Designs

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1 – AK-47 assault rifle guitar

weird guitar,guitar design

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan shows an AK-47 assault rifle that has been transformed into an electric guitar.This is without a doubt the coolest we’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, no other information was provided

2 – Angel Sword Guitar

weird guitar,guitar design

This awesome and fully functional sword-shaped guitar it was on sale on eBayfor $4500.

From their page:

“It was custom made for the Alfee’s guitar player Takamizawa. This is an awesome one of a kind guitar. The Alfee is one of the biggest rock acts in Japan and Takamizawa is well known for his Angel and other Gothic themed guitars. Notice the cool as hell wings on this baby!

3 – NES turned guitar

weird guitar,guitar design

This Nintendo Famicom (also known as the NES) guitar is proof that imagination still flourishes despite the dearth of good design ideas that we see in the marketplace these days. A Japanese dude decided to take some time out,

carve a replica of the NES out of wood into a guitar, topping it off with a gamepad headstock. He paid full attention to the little details such as including a cartridge behind the bridge, actual wooden buttons on the headstock, and a second controller located just below the high E string. No idea on how it sounds though, but it probably won’t churn out any memorable riffs

4 – Pacman guitar for geeks

weird guitar,guitar design

Geeks wanna pick up some guitar skills? This Pac-man guitar will surely be the best to keep your learning spirit up. This pac-man guitar is a custom-made product by Ian Schneller over at Specimen Product. The pac-man guitar comes with 25-1/2″ scale length with two octave maple neck. It’s made of ebony, basswood, and maple with mother of pearl accents and is finished in the happy familiar yellow lacquer. There are blinking light bulbs on the headstock. Guess where the speed control knob is located? It’s the eyeball of the pac man.

5 – Oil-Can Guitar

weird guitar,guitar design

The first oil-can guitars were made in Africa and were called ramkiekies. Today these are still the first instruments many folk musicians learn to play. They are well known for their simplicity. Although you can pay more than $500 to purchase a professionally-made oil-can guitar, you can also gather the needed components and build one yourself.

6 – Teenar, the Girl Guitar

weird guitar,guitar design

What it feels like holding the waist of a sexy girl? Now, you can enrich yourself with the kinda same feeling with the Teenar,the Girl Guitar. It looks quite funny and strange to play with this girl, oh…I mean Girl Guitar.

7 – The Pikasso Guitar

weird guitar,guitar design

Well this is the world’s weirdest guitar indeed. This 42 String Pikasso Guitar is playable. Created by Linda Manzer for guitarist Pat Metheny this guitar took complete two years to get build.

The Pikasso Guitar features four necks, two sound holes and two access doors- one on the upper player’s side and one at the tail block. When the 42 strings are strung up to high tension, the guitar is under approximately 1000lbs pressure. The weight of the instrument is 6.7 kg or 14 � lbs.

8 – Jeweled Jesus Guitar

weird guitar,guitar design

Fender Stratocaster carved for Mike Deasy in 1969. The body is a biblical scene with Jesus, staff in hand, laying a blessing hand on the bridge of the guitar. The real jewel encrusted pick guard (Jade, sapphire & star sapphire) displays a laughing face of Christ. One blue sapphire is set in Christ’s eye.

Thie guitar was STOLEN and was returned to Mike after 25 years.

9 – Hello Kitty Stratocaster guitar

weird guitar,guitar design

The Hello Kitty Stratocaster is an electric guitar made by Squier. It is available in either pink or black with a body shaped like Hello Kitty’s head. Francis Bean – Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s daughter uses one apparently.

10 – The Wangcaster Guitar

weird guitar,guitar design

If you need to show your virility on stage the Wangcaster is your guitar. Picture says it all, so no more comments.

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